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Yesterday x-posted

Five years ago Tyler and I brought a little boy into this world. We loved him so much that we broke our own hearts for his sake. The little boy named Sky deserved so much more than two crazy 18 year old kids could give him. Now the little boy is the happiest boy in the world. He has an incredible family with two sets of parents that love and adore him. He has a little sister. He has the best life. I couldn't be happier for him. I know Tyler went to visit him today. I hope he told him happy birthday from me too.

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Well our baby is 5, can you believe it!!!!! growing up so so fast, he is so
cute and loves his birthday, he has been excited all day long. He woke up this morning so excited, then yesterday I took him to the store and let him choose what he wanted for breakfast and he wanted cinnamon rolls so we made those for breakfast. then opened presents, spoiled!! it was so cute because I got a few thinks for Solee to give him and I kept telling him Solee got you a present so the last week Sky has been asking Solee what she got for him, then he'd get mad and tell me that Solee won't tell him what she got him for his birthday. the other day I walked past Solee's room and Sky and Solee were in her closet and Sky was saying K Solee show me where you hid my presents. Solee's new thing is whispering in our ear, and she just gibbers and she was gibbering in my ear last night and Sky asked what she told me and I said she was telling me what she got you for your birthday so he ran over and asked her and she just gabbed in his ear and he got mad and said she won't tell me!!!! soooo funny!
My mom came up this morning and Sky was saying look what my sister gave me ( she gave him thomas pj's) which he has worn all day, and a toy story view finder.
then he got lots of trains, thomas lego's a remote control monster truck, and a remote control train! oh and a truck that jumps over stuff. he still just loves thomas, that has been the hit of the day, the thomas legos.
in a few hours we are going into his birthday party, he is so excited. Solee has been jealous all day, she'll grab a toy and say mine and take off running. luckily last night I started to think she might feel like that, so we went in and got her a dora doll that sings goodnight and has purple pj's just like Solee. and my mom brought her up so really cute purple house boots! so she was a little happier.
well we wanted to let you know we are thinking of you today, I have a few things for you but I am going to get the kids pictures taken so I wanted to send them at the same time. I just havne't found the time to go in and get the pictures taken. It is hard at Kiddie Kandids cause they don't take appointments, so it is first come first serve, so we always end up waiting 2 hours before they even get their pictures taken, and by then the kids are tired and ready to leave and we haven't even taken pictures yet!! doesn't sound fun. plus now that it is xmas time everyone is taking pictures. oh well, just complaining.
I have been telling Sky the story of when he was born, he loves to hear how he was supposed to be a girl, he thinks that is so funny. at first he didn't get it, he kept saying so I was a girl when I was born??? I am like NO, but now he laughs and says I tricked you guys :)
So much has happened and changed in 5 years, it is so amazing how it all works
I can't even imagine my life without Sky in it, I never knew how much a little 6 pound boy could change my life and make my heart so full, he is amazing. I feel like I have a really close special relationship with Sky. We are grateful for him, and SO grateful for you. We love you so much, we hope you have a wonderful day, and thank you for blessing us so much.

Love ya, Wendy
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