teeny_gabs (teeny_gabs) wrote in adoption_choice,

I just got another email from Hannah's mom. Why do I get so damn emotional. I know it was best for everyone.

Chris and I were happy you called the other night. It's nice to get the chance to hear your voice instead of just sending e-mails. But it seems like that is all we have time for these days. Glad to hear school is going good for you. Things are more or less settling down around here. Our nephews were over here last night and they are thrilled to have another baby around. They were looking forward to babysitting but Chris had to tell them that 5 year olds can't babysit alone.
I wanted to ask you the other night if you would like to come to Chris's birthday. Its in two weeks and it would mean a lot to both of us if you were there. Our families have heard so much about you and are dying to meet you. No pressure though. I will try to give you a call around Monday or so, I'm sure you have a busy weekend planned. Send our love and Hannah's to Robbie.
Love, Hannah, Lauren, Chris, and Jack

Jack is their dog.
I don't know if I want to go to Chris's birthday, but I think I will. I love their house and I really would like to meet the family Hannah is a part of. I don't know. I wonder if Robbie is also invited. I just thought of that. I know Chris and Robbie are just as close as Lauren and I are. Perhaps I will call Lauren tomorrow.
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