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Hello everyone. I cam across this community and thought this might be exactly what I need. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant (and miserable, of course) and am placing the child up for adoption. I just met the adoptive parents this past weekend. They are amazing, loving people and I know they are everything I could have ever hoped for. I know that I am making the best decision for this child, myself, and the adoptive parents. I am just so amazingly emotional right now. I know alot of that is just the pregnancy and it's hormones, but oh my goodness! I talk to Gwen daily (adoptive mom) and she is such a source of comfort to me. I am just very anxious to have this behind me...I am miserable being pregnant, I am so uncomfortable and I still get sick every time I brush my teeth. I'm scared to go through labor, and then the emotional trial of signing the final paperwork and saying my goodbyes, to the baby and Gwen and Howard. (The adoption, will be open, in that I will still talk to them, and recieve pictures and updates...but we (all 3 of us) haven't yet decided if visiting would be in the best interest of everyone involved.) So, enough of my rambling, I thought I could join this community and get some feedback from others who have experienced this...as I'm sure the next 6-8 weeks are going to be the most emotional and difficult experience to date. :) Thanks for listening.
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