Amanda (pinksapphire87) wrote in adoption_choice,



I thought I would introduce myself. I am 18 years old and 25 weeks pregnant. I am currently exploring the option of adoption. I'm not sure of what the right decision is for my baby and I. Reading all these adoption stories and testominies make me sick to my stomach and make my eyes swell with tears. If it hurts this much when I am still pregnant, how much is it going to hurt after she's born and out of my reach?

I wish someone could fast forward my life 3 to 5 years and show me the result of each of my options. Wouldn't that just be so perfect? I wish someone could show me the effects of each of my options. But there is no possible person that could do that. So I must make an educated decision.

Oh, please. Someone, anyone tell me it does get better and easier.
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