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Questions, Questions, & More Questions

HI everyone...I'm new to this community, and am 31 weeks pregnant. Throughout my pregnancy, originally, I was going to keep my baby. I was living in a homeless shelter for pregnant women & women with children. That was not the kind of life I wanted for my baby. I decided to move back in with my adoptive parents on the condition that I give my baby up for adoption. I agreed, and decided I wanted an open adoption. While it will be hard to give up someone so precious who will have been inside me for 10 months, I have realized that it's not about me. I need to think about my baby and what is best for him or her. Right now, I have no job, no money. I have no way of providing for my baby. Consenting to an open adoption is the best thing I can do. I figured an open adoption would be easier because I already know it will be hard to give my baby away. But I think if I could keep in contact with my baby and have pictures and be involved, that maybe it would make it just a little bit easier. I wondered if there was anyone who has maybe been in a similar situation, and could give me some advice or input. Thanks guys.
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