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Hey! I just joined...

I recently found out I was pregnant via 2 at home tests. The woman on the phone @ Planned Parenthood guestimated that I am a little more than 10 weeks pregnant. All she did was ask me when my last period was, and then said 10 weeks. I can't imagine that can be too accurate?
Anyways, I am engaged and have been having unprotected sex with my fiance for 5+ years and never got pregnant. He is also on MTX and 11 other medications and has a testosterone deficiency so his doctor is baffled that he even got someone pregnant.
What he does not know is that I had a fling (or 2 or 3) with my 'first love' around the estimated time of conception. Unprotected and along with cumming inside of me, he continued to go and go and in my head...pump that sperm deep down in there. (Sorry,haha)
I don't want to be judged, but those are the facts. I am quite sure it is NOT my fiance's baby.
I have my first appt. with an obstetrician? or whatever on July 2nd. He is great, was referred to him by my shrink and she called and had them squeeze me in quick. Since it might be Ryan's and he is on the MTX I am asking for tests to see if the baby is looking ok and healthy.

Anyways, this is all babble. What I really want is some adoption advice? I live in Rochester NY, I do not drive so its hard for me to get around but not totally impossible. I am still keeping the abortion idea open but that window is closing rather quickly and I am leaning more towards adoption, or maybe MAYBE keeping it. Of course keeping it would involve telling my fiance the truth about the father and perhaps becoming single and..yeah messy.

Any advice? Websites?Any advice for me at all?

I am 22 years old. My mother is extremely supportive and she is there for me, whatever I choose. I just...need some advice. Maybe some wisdom from people who have been in this kind of situation...anything.
I am more confused and just not knowing WTF to do than nervous.
Also, what kind of questions should I make sure to ask at this appt??
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