Amanda (pinksapphire87) wrote in adoption_choice,

Spreading the news?

I feel like I am being pressured to keep the baby because of my bestfriend. It seems like she wants the baby more than I do. She really loves babies and wants to play with her. I know its going to be all fun and games. But when it comes to the hard stuff it will be all my turn.

She keeps buying more and more clothes for the baby and talking about my shower. We hung out tonight and talked about the baby and baby plans all night. I just feel like I don't have the heart to tell her. I don't want to disappoint her. And mostly I am afraid that she will get upset or mad because she has bought sooo many clothes for her already.

I took back the crib that I bought today. The only people who were supposed to know was me, my grandma, aunt, and my aunts boyfriend. But my dad conveniently came home with my uncle, his girlfriend, and my dad's girlfriend. So I have all these people antagonizing me about what I am doing and why am I returning the crib. I am not sure if my decision is final, but I don't want people in my business.

I feel like the more people I tell it will start becoming a group decision instead of my decision. And I really don't want anyone elses influence in this.

I feel like I really want to tell my best friend about what I am feeling. But I know she won't completely understand. I am scared and nervous. Any suggestions or help?

Ugh this is just such a crappy situation.
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